Who hacked Google first?

Ankit Fadia (born 1985) is an Indian author, speaker, television host, a security charlatan, and self-proclaimed white-hat computer hacker.

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The term Google hacking does not refer to hacking the Google search engine or other Google products. However, Google welcomes white-hat hackers and awards bounties if you can hack their web applications to improve their security. See how security researchers found vulnerabilities in Google using Acunetix.

Ankit Fadia
Born1985 (age 35–36) Ahmedabad, India
OccupationAuthor & teacher
Alma materD Public School
GenreTechnology, entertainer


At the age of 10, his parents gifted him a computer and he says he started taking an interest in hacking after a year of playing video games when he read a newspaper article on the subject. He soon started a website hackingtruths.box.sk where he wrote hacking tutorials, which acquired many readers and encouraged him to write a book. The book received favorable responses in India, made Fadia popular in the country, and turned his hobby into a full-time profession. However, he was also accused of plagiarism.

In 2002, Fadia claimed that at the age of 17, he had defaced the website of an Indian magazine. Subsequently, he named the magazine as the Indian edition of CHIP magazine, and stated that the editor had offered him a job when informed about the defacement. In 2012, the Forbes India executive editor Charles Assisi (who was editor of CHIP India at the time of the supposed incident), denied that such an incident ever took place after verifying with his predecessor and successor at the magazine as well.

Sergey Glazunov, a Russian student, successfully hacked a computer running a Chrome browser by using a never-before-seen exploit, reports Forbes. Glazunov’s trick bypassed the browser’s “sandbox” restriction, which would normally keep a hacker out of the rest of a computer’s system if he were able to break the browser.

1988: One year prison. Kevin David Mitnick (born August 6, 1963) is an American computer security consultant, author, and convicted hacker. He is best known for his high-profile 1995 arrest and five years in prison for various computer and communications-related crimes.

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