Input And Output Devices

An input device is something you connect to a computer that sends information into the computer. An output device is something you connect to a computer that has information sent to it.

Difference between Input and Output devices:

It is a hardware device and is used to key in the data, instructions or commands, into the computerIt is a hardware component, and it uses the data that is has received from the computer to carry out a task
It can transfer data to another device, but cannot receive any from itCan obtain data from another device and can also produce output from it. However, cannot transfer data to another device
Necessary for the computer to receive user commands and data to processRequired if a computer has to share its results. They also help to prompt the users for additional information and commands
These are user controlledComputer manages it
Complex coding is usedUsers need to only see the results and so are not required to learn the process
Examples: Keyboard, webcam, microphone, joystick and so onExamples: LCD Projection panels, printer, monitor, speaker and more

Input devices:

An input device can receive instructions from users or forward information to another device, but it is not able to accept data from another system. After receiving input, it translates these data into the electrical signals in binary code, which cannot be understandable by humans, and only a digital computer can understand it. There are many examples of input devices, which are discussed below:

Keyboard and Mouse: These are the input devices that are used by the users to give input to the computer. They send the received input (Data) from users to the system. As these are input devices, they cannot receive or display output (information) from the computer.

Microphone: Another input device is a microphone that accepts sound generated by an input source and allows users to send audio into their computers. In the microphone, the accepted signal may be converted into a digital signal or can be amplified as an analog signal.

Webcam: A webcam is a video camera that connects to a computer and faces the user, which is used to capture pictures, make a video by a computer system. It takes images as input from where it is pointed and used for calling and taking selfies. However, most modern webcams have a microphone, which offers users a better sound quality while making videos. Webcams are attached to the monitor of a desktop computer and also built into laptops.

output devices:

Output devices are the section of a computer device that receives data from another device and produces output with the information. Although it cannot send data to another device, it has the ability to forward data from a computer to another computer system. It functions to take data from input devices and translate the digitized signals into a form that can be understandable by users. There are various examples of output devices; some are discussed below:

Monitor: A monitor is a piece of computer hardware that accepts data from a computer (output) and displays it on the system screen through the computer’s video card. Monitors have the ability to display information at a much higher resolution. Additionally, these are much like televisions and also known as video screen, display, video display terminal, or video display unit.

Speakers: The most common output devices, speakers accept sound data from a computer and play the sounds for users to hear. Although speakers can be used with any type of sound system, some speakers are manufactured only for computers. It is a device that cannot receive sound generated by users as well as refer that sound to another device. The main objective of the speakers is to produce sound or audio output for the listener.

Projector: A projector is an output device that accepts data from a computer (output) and projects that data or information as a picture onto a wall or screen or any large surface. It does not have the ability to receive data from a user and also not capable of sending that data to another device. When you are showing video or images to a large group of people, a projector is more beneficial to use instead of a monitor because it displays data on a large surface that can be visible to a large number of people clearly.

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