Bug Bounty Program List – All Active Programs In 2021

Find Out Bug Bounty By :

  1. https://www.bugcrowd.com/bug-bounty-list/
  2. https://hackerone.com/bug-bounty-programs
  3. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/msrc/bounty
  4. https://bounty.github.com/
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bug bounty

How to Get Started With Bug Bounty?

Bug Bounty programs are a great way for companies to add a layer of protection to their online assets. A bug bounty program is a crowdsourced penetration testing program that rewards for finding security bugs and ways to exploit them. For researchers or cybersecurity professionals, it is a great way to test their skills on a variety of targets and get paid well in case they find some security vulnerabilities. The number of companies that have a formal crowdsourced program is increasing and so are the people who want to become a freelance penetration tester. The aspiring bug bounty hunters are of much different knowledge, experience, and skill levels. 

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